Not everyone is an activist. Activism requires a high level of socializing and furthermore, it requires you love people. Without both, your cause won’t be well received.

So what can you do if your not a social butterfly? Here’s a short list:

1) Donate funds, time, and materials to organizations that represent you.
2) Volunteer your skills. If you have any business skills at all, your useful in a major capacity, especially to start up orgs. Sometimes, they just need bodies. What’s better than 10 activists demonstrating? 500 supporters.
3) Promote organizations and causes to your network
4) Educate yourself. Its not a Muslims job to answer all your questions. Nor is a gay persons or a black persons or an immigrants. You should do what you can before that, and if you do ask, be genuine. Don’t insult them by placation. Its not cool.
5) Don’t tolerate or participate in conversations that spread division! ***SUPER IMPORTANT*** People spread negative messages under the disguise of “Learn to take a joke!” But when your joke hurts peoples feelings, your just being a bully by saying such things. Bullies aren’t cool, neither is intolerance. Speak out against it every time.

That’s my short list!

Please leave comments with your input and ideas. Your voice is valuable, use it!

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”