This is for the person who says you can’t because they can’t. For those who say your an idiot for trying because it doesn’t make sense to them. For those who get mad when they don’t get their way or when the world doesn’t bend to their will. Yeah, I’m talking to you today.
I get it, your mad because your inadequate. The cards weren’t dealt very good to you and now you got a crap hand to work with. Parents raised you wrong, Dad beat you, Mom was a heroin addict. Maybe it was the other way around, maybe one of them wasn’t in the picture at all. Heck, maybe you had normal parents but they never taught you to accomplish anything. So here you are all entitled to a great life. 
Just one problem, no one cares about what you “deserve” and your angry. You have to work harder to get less, not like so and so over there. You have no skills and can’t seem to lose that last little bit of belly fat. This leaves you still imperfect in every way and your still good at nothing. So you piss and moan about life obsessively. All the dipshits in the world, not many have the same logic as you. Your way makes sense, not like these idiots you have to be surrounded by.
You poor thing, life must terrible being the only smart one in a world of dumbasses. You’ve got it all figured out. 
That must be why no takes the time to talk to you like they talk to everyone else. Because you don’t need friends, right? How brave. No cause is worth your time, nothing worth fighting for. Oh wait, you have friends, I forgot. It must be the ones that you insult all the time. When your nice to them its because you need something.
You have the best workout routine, the best diet, the best card playing skills the best logic and your generally pretty good at most things.
Go ahead and have all that. I don’t care. But you know what? I’m not going to stop going to wait for you. I have things I’m doing, people I love. I have goals that I can reach. You may think they’re worthless, but to me they are priceless. Go ahead and tell me I can’t, tell me you wouldn’t try. Because what you would do, I wouldn’t. Because I’m nothing like you. 
To those of us who have to deal with the negative attitude of others. Pay them no mind. They’re miserable, everyone knows it. Its not worth fretting over darling. I had dozens of people tell me I couldn’t have a blog in prison, or have LGBT recognized formally by DOC as a culture or start a peer support group. Guess what, Gods granted me all three! They have sat back just angrily and bitterly watching as I accomplish what they were sure was impossible. I guess that makes us miraculous sweetie. Welcome to the club.

With Love
Jeff Utnage