How many times in your life have you heard someone say “that’s already been done” or “that already exists”? What they’re really saying is “don’t try”. Then if we boil that down further we get someone who’s really saying that they can’t see it working so nobody else can either.

What about change? If you cannot see change in your mind does that mean its not possible? Let’s say that you’ve known someone for a long period, say, 20 years and they’ve had a habit, like smoking, and they say they are quitting but you cannot see them doing so. Does that mean they can’t?

The point here is that just because we cannot see someone else’s dream doesn’t mean they cannot see it. Let’s be honest here, because this is a safe platform to do so, if pessimism got things done CEO’s and entrepreneurs would be pessimists, but they’re not. More than one brand exists for every type of product, that’s what drives market share and company values, at least one element…healthy competition. Competitive markets benefit customers and ultimately a companies bottom line.

So go dream and the go do. Because what’s “impossible” for someone else simply means “I’m Possible” for me and you. If you need support for your dream, come get it from the most unlikely place in America, this prisoner.

I believe in you.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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