Dearest Art of S.M.A.R.T, from the very moment you came into my life you have helped me to train the mind to overcome distractions and obstacles, stabilizing my thoughts and emotions. Also, you’ve helped me increase the power of consciousness through breathing meditation, mindfulness and Yoga.
Prison S.M.A.R.T has been a wonderful role model in my life teaching me great patients, compassion and love for myself and others. Cultivating awareness, being present, developing problem solving skills and stress reduction techniques.

Thank you for the positive reinforcement, shared happiness, joy, loving kindness and absolute beauty. My life has become so full of wonder, tears trickle down my face expressing my deep gratitude to you. I would love to attend the Prison S.M.A.R.T peace leadership training program, because not only will I benefit from if greatly, but being able to help others is such a privilege. The reward in seeing inmates change and learn healthier ways to meet their needs is awe inspiring.

Thank you Prison S.M.A.R.T volunteers for impacting my life in such a major way. What amazing character you demonstrate. You are all so warm hearted, fun, welcoming, and free of judgment. Thank you for celebrating life with me here in prison. Heck yeah.

Marshall Byers