You would think that prison is the gay Oz. But if you read anything I write you know that reality is much, much different.

Vh1 has picked up a few shows that sort of feed my need for basking in queer glory! Namely Fire Island and RuPauls Drag Race. 

Each and every Friday night after I get locked in my cell I get to bask in the light of my two favorite things, men and make up and every variation thereof!!

On a serious note, my interactions with the LGBT and specifically the gay community have been limited to brief interactions and prison. Now that I am “out” I want nothing more than healthy interaction. Prison is not exactly that picture perfect scene of healthy people. 

Seeing and interacting with LGBT culture as often as possible gives me the ability to define myself within those walls. I watch and listen to figure out what I like and dislike about our culture. For instance, I like the “love me or hate me attitude because I am going to do me no matter what you think anyway!” I dislike the confines of a stereotypical box that seem to keep so many gay men scrambling to please some reject in Hollywood. Insert one of hundreds of names here. In other words, insecurity and vanity. Which, I am just as guilty as the next queen…if we are being honest. 

Thank God for Vh1 because we do not have LOGO or real mentors to talk to. So we have to be our own, it certainly helps.

With Love
Jeff Utnage