I just got of the phone with a beautiful person from the NPR Texas Standard Radio Station. Around this time last year I was set up to call in for a interview with this beautiful person to speak about my profound attitude towards life in prison. Well, that very morning I woke up and ran to get a phone, I realized that my voice was gone! yep, gone it was.

I did my very best to speak during our twenty minute phone call, she was so understanding and thoughtful. We had a great Q/A considering, the only bummer is that twenty minutes goes by way to fast when your engrossed in a openhearted conversation.

The story was suspended because this beautiful person had some family health issues that needed her else where. Over this year of leave she had much wonderful news to share about healing, inspiration, and love of family.
We, ultimately are two strangers brought together by happenstance, and this is why I love waking up every single morning. Life is full of mystery and wonder.

My story will air on Texas Standard NPR soon. Until then, I would like for this bright and beautiful person to know how delighted I am to have crossed paths with that she is appreciated in a major way. Thank you again for sharing your story with me, and airing mine.

Marshall Byers