I enjoy speaking in public, I have over 40 public speaking awards. I have spoken at events that made United States history, like the nations first LGBT Pride Event sponsored by the Department of Corrections – Washington (dare I say I’m proud of them?).

I know I want to continue speaking upon release, but to what end, for what purpose? I had to answer these because that’s how I roll. I want the public to know that there is a distinct difference in inmates, two categories in fact: Those who embraced change (rehabilitated/rehabilitating) or those who did not (change resistant). I am going to teach audiences everywhere how to recognize the difference because I am overwhelmingly qualified to do so. A decade in prison having to instantaneously identify potential threats will teach you a thing or two and I have the ability to speak about it.

But to what end? Change prisons? No, that’s to small, I already know I can do that…U.N., yeah, now that’s a goal! I don’t know how or when but I am going to stand at the foot of that amphitheater on that blue stage, behind that beautiful podium and the room is going to be 100% filled, every headset on. It will be an all expense paid trip, I will be invited and world leaders from every nation will be there, listening, and I will give the speech of my life.

That’s what I’m gonna do, it’s been declared. Help me make it happen.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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