I came to prison in 2011. Apple products were beginning to take flight, but were expensive. iPhones were for rich people still, tablets were a budding luxury, touch screens were emerging as the newest must have. Facebook was still the place to be, Wii Golf was the latest game craze.

Now, cars are driving themselves, security companies use bots, dating apps where some sort of swiping occurs (wtf is that?), Instagram – which I’ve never seen – and even those below the national poverty line have tablets and iPhones. So confused.

Yelp, Zillow, Hulu, Netflix, Red Box, Craigslist, eBay…all were different. Amazon was mostly books still but beginning to overtake other product markets. Google was releasing features for its users that nearly everyone trusted…because it was Google.

Then we have new tech since I’ve been in, controlling your home and auto from your phone app. Temp, lights, oven, refrigerator, door locks, car, garage door all from an app. Mind bending stuff.

This brings up an app idea of my own. Check out my other post, coming soon, titled “Stupid Cupid”.

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