Most have heard the expression “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he’ll never go hungry again.” 

I like this saying more and more the older I get. I get it more now. Lets take sexual harassment for instance. If someone makes a pass at you and you don’t know how to decline them for fear of conflict, social scrutiny, fear of whatever. Whatever the reasoning is, you don’t know what to do, as is the case for MANY LGBT people in prison, just like it is the case for many women in the workplace (or anywhere!)

You can rely on someone else to handle it for you, like a boss or the government. I’d much rather know how to simply reject them though. Teach me to fish! Will your boss always be there? What about in the grocery store, will you run to some employee for advice if some dude asks you out and you don’t want to go? No! We need to know how to communicate, teach me to fish! 

We are so dependent on the social services of the government that we have put lawmakers in the positions of parents. We are expecting lawmakers and politicians and the FBI and police to mitigate and regulate issues that are better handled individually.

Like the homosexual who comes out later in life and doesn’t know how to reject people asking him for sex constantly so he lives in fear, silently, but it is there. 

This applies to so many inmates its ridiculous. 

It applies to nearly everyone. If a parent cannot teach their children how to cope with social situations and emotional management, its absolutely the communities job. Not the government, not the FBI, not prisons, not cops. Its our responsibility as human beings to care about one another. Not through an emoji, but through actual interactions.

Teach one another how to fish.

With Love
Jeff  “Jeffebelle”