We’ve all had an ex or three right? Most have been burned and hurt at some point in our life. I think we can agree on that. But please, please, don’t go around spewing bitterness around about how bad your ex is.

In prison there is mostly guys around with the occasional me, a female. This means its sports and shop talk 24/7 which, to be frank, is disgusting to hear constantly.

Yeah, yeah…so somebody did you dirty and didn’t take your feelings into consideration. Or hell, they hurt you intentionally, why not…since the world revolves around you…now seriously, can you shut the hell up?

Can we all just agree that talking shit about our ex’s is a terrible look and makes us look like little angry trolls nursing a wound, not a good look folks. I won’t say get over it, but I will say this, if you need to go feel sorry for yourself and spend years licking your wounds in self-pity, go do it in misery by yourself and save humanity your bitterness. We have enough of our own we are politely saving you from having to, smell.

So…courtesy flush your bitterness for us all? Thanks.

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