I have a friend in here who has Life Without The Possibility Of Parole. He was given a death sentence, essentially. But here’s the thing, the man he was twenty years ago isn’t the man he is today. He has gone through immense personal changes and he has given his life time and time again to help guys like me, unselfishly. 

He has spent the last 15 or so years doing nothing but helping others. He has no family who writes him, though he writes them once a month, they never respond. Interestingly enough he says “Jeff, I can’t stop writing them because for twenty years I’ve written and not one has been returned, at least they’re getting them. They know I care. That’s the type of guy he is. Impossibly positive and upbeat.

I think about him late at night and the profound impact his transparency and hope has had on my life. He can’t even talk about his impact on the community without crying, he is possibly the most remorseful and honestly transformed man I have ever met, he’s by far the nicest and most caring. That’s saying something.

I am going to take the time to write an impact statement for a commutation hearing for him next year. Tell the world how this man has helped me because of his character now. His genuine care for mankind today. 

Who in your life can you help? It doesn’t have to be life or death decisions. It can be small things, and truthfully, you don’t have to completely know them. You just might be the only person who has ever tried to help without expecting something in return. What might that do to a person? How might that help? One person can change the world. What would happen if 100 people tried? What about 1000? What about 1,000,000? What would that do? One million acts of kindness every single day? What if we could turn that into one million acts of kindness an hour? What would our world be then?

I’m just sayin’. Your world is what we make it. You can contribute negatively or positively. I may have seriously screwed up before, but I won’t do it again, I know I can help prevent other crimes like mine and I’ll go to my grave trying to end it still. I’ll also make time for as many of my friends as I have. Why? Because one day I might need help and I hope there is someone willing to recognize the good in me besides me.

With Love
Jeff Utnage