Even if you are not a believer in a higher power such as God or Allah or something else, you most likely can at least respect that many do. 

There are churches popping up all over the country that are LGBT affirming. However, it is churches that are keeping bigotry alive. Let me explain.

Go to a Baptist church and at least the general stance is gays are not acceptable. Many Baptist pastors are preaching to not associate or tolerate LGBT people at all. It gets more extreme from there. Vigilante zealots running around picketing and laying hands on us to “cast out our demons.” I have even had people tell me it would be better to mutilate myself than have sexual contact with the same sex.

While there are always two sides to the coin this is what I know, what I have come to terms with: God loves me. God created me. God wants me home when it is my time. I know I am going to heaven because the promise extends to even me. 

While people around me gather together in the name of God and go out of their way to exclude me because of my sexuality, I still believe in God. Believing in a God that loves you is your right as a human being. If you don’t know one that does, holler at me. I know this for sure, my God loves you and doesn’t like it when people tell you otherwise. 

Take back your right to religious freedom. Yup, that’s still a thing.

With Love
Jeff Utnage