Gooooooood morning to everyone around the world! I would like to share with you something fun and creative I’m doing today. Look, I’m so very limited in finding resources in prison. In our little library I found an address for the Boston Public Library. Today I sent a hand written letter :

Greetings from the rainy Northwest, I wanted to reach out to the furthest place possible from my tiny prison cell to wish someone a wonderful day. I would have written a person in Tibet, but our small library is limited on resources, however I am very grateful to have a library at all. I deeply value human connection, prison has helped me to realize what’s most important.

So here I am, my hand written letter to you, being held in your hands from Marshall Byers, a happy prisoner in the rainy Northwest making a connection to a far away place in hopes of making a difference in your day.

Most sincerely,

Marshall Byers #769274
MCC/TRU D-310-2
P.O. box 888
Monroe, WA. 98272

Heck yeah! 
As l folded up the letter and licked the icky glue on the envelope I giggle a little, because I pictured my little letter making its way over all the states into the hands of a Boston Public Library employee……….. hopefully making there day!

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport. com

email me at using Marshall Byers # 769274