First off, big ole’ thanks to my facilities Associate Superintendent and all other staff for allowing and ensuring its complete success. There were many inmate hands involved in this years event including many from different religious backgrounds. Which was incredible. 
We had eleven speakers, nine of which were inmates and only two of us were LGBTI people. In prisons they have to call things over an intercom for all to hear, that way we know when we can leave for various timed things, like meal times and yard. Events are no different. The whole institution knew this event was happening today and when they called it over the PA systems the heckling began. Inmates pounding on windows and jokes galore. But none of that mattered. 200+ signed up but only 50 or so braved the breezeway. We watched as men turned around once they seen the ridicule. Some didn’t want to go once they heard there was no food like they have at other events. Some were just flat out scared. But those of us that went today, we made history. We didn’t walk to our event, we proudly marched. We laughed and ignored our own protesters. 
I was nervous to deliver my own speech, which was published on this blog yesterday. I felt I was successful and afterwards a few guys came up and wanted to talk about their own struggles as gay men. Both closeted and out. 
Most surprising was the amount of staff. Staff that didn’t have to be there. The ones that were there by choice. They were interested in what was going on. 
It was a big success. I would encourage anyone with loved ones who are gay in prison to reach out to them. We are alone and isolated. If you would like to find out how you can help bring equality to your prison system both in US systems and abroad, contact me and I can direct you go an appropriate agency or help you myself.
Sorry, no inmate to inmate contact, its not allowed in Washington State. 

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