Spoons, dirty little devils they are. They’re disgusting rounded ends that blubberized my body for decades. If it wasn’t for them blasted spoons, tiny bowls that deliver death, I would have never been fat.

I say we ban spoons so nobody else gets fat. I mean, makes sense if we don’t think about it much. Obesity is a growing epidemic and it must be stopped. Seeing as how those silver utensils of sugar delivery are the means, ban them. Clearly they are to blame.

On a serious note, shootings are tragic and the gravity is not lost here. But we have to place blame where it will actually be effective, on all of us. Why are there shootings? Because we as a society became isolationists and extremely selfish. We let our neighbors suffer in their own inadequacy and so long as we got ours, let them suffer. Compassion and genuine concern will solve many of our problems. Not legislation, not Senate Bills or Executive Orders, not mandates or bans, not more screenings….

What will change it is your love. When you see someone struggling in life, i.e. posting crazy videos and posts on social media, reach out. The police and government don’t give two craps about any of us, especially not someone hurting and struggling. 

Look, if banning guns is the only thing that makes you happy, ban em. But they will be replaced with home explosives, knives, vehicles, hand weapons, fires etc. It doesn’t solve the problem. 

Solve the problem…care.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”