1) Be yourself. Who cares what anybody thinks about you. It is usually themselves they have issues with, not you. It seems kind of selfish to me, to think that somebody else is spending that kind of time thinking about me, when I know I don’t think about other people until they are in front of me, and then I am usually thinking about something that looks like I am really thinking about them but they reminded me of something I have to do, forgot to do, or want to do. Negativity only comes in when I am feeling bad already. So be you and don’t worry about others feelings, they aren’t thinking about yours. Remember that you are the one who matters to you. It is what you think about yourself that your mind listens to, more than anything anybody else can or will say.

2) Let your word be your bond. If you say you are going to do something, you do it, because you said you would. When you do that, people trust what you say. They believe everything you say because you are truth worthy. You don’t have to prove to others that you are trust worthy, you need to prove it to yourself. When you can trust yourself, and follow thru on your word, you tell yourself that you are worthy. You tell your subconscious that you are trustworthy so that you change the way you think about yourself. 

3) Do your best. At everything. If you do your best you will never feel like a failure, because in your heart you know that you gave it everything you had and you can be proud of it. Your best may not always give the outcome you are looking for but you know you did everything you could possibly do to make it work. Then you can feel confident about yourself. Confidence builds confidence. Confidence feeds your subconscious with good thoughts.

4) Don’t take anything personally. This one has been hard for me even. But when I understand that they are only feeling bad about themselves and it has nothing to do with me. Why? Because I know I didn’t do anything wrong, I know I am a good person who tries my best, who BELIEVES that I am ok, it is then that I don’t care what others think. 

All of these things are hard to do. Especially for us because we have spent our whole lives talking ourselves into hating ourselves.We need to make the CHOICE to be HAPPY. And being happy means we have to believe we are good people who have tons to show the world, or just to show ourselves that we are happy. It means making the most out of every day because we are not promised tomorrow, we don’t have anything PROVING we are right, we have to go on FAITH that we can be the best person we want to be, just because we want to be that person. I know I do, so I will be working on my HAPPINESS more than ever before.