What warms my heart from where I sit in prison is the activism emerging. Funny how one divisive president takes office and then two of the largest movements I have seen happen within the first 18 months, women’s movements and gun control.

I am encouraged by these movements because of their sheer size. The gun control movement had millions of people nationwide taking to the streets peacefully. Women’s movements too.

In order to effect change that will make our streets safer we must organize giant movements that have clear goals. We must make one change though, stop demanding the government change.

We do not need the government to police our judgments. If people are treating other people bad, guess what? Make that behavior uncool. As a society we can trend stuff like cloth and colors and toys so that millions of people must have them. We can also do this with behavior.

Let us use our influence to effect a trend that will make humanitarian behavior trendy. If we can do it for pants and underwear, surely we can do it for kindness. I think we would all be amazed at the changes a little kindness will make.

With Love