Because of a wide Covid quarantine in our prison, half of our SME class went missing. To accommodate a sense of purpose for the class time, the few of us that we’re able to make it used the space to have a very candid and fulfilling conversation with the staff of Edmonds College. Anytime there is a conversation about justice between the free and the condemned, a lot of humanity grows from it. That’s exactly what happened and it fueled deep reflections days later.

I don’t often get to express some of the more fundamental cracks in my foundations that led to prison, but in that space, I was able to open up. Between talks of trauma, loss, addiction and despair, we opened up a broad conversation about hopes, dreams, futures and education. The ability to be enlightened in that space, on that day with those amazing educators, is the kind of conversations that need to happen for more people in more prisons. We didn’t talk a lot about math specifically, but the lesson that came out of the day’s class is another brick in rebuilding connection, community, and life. I’m deeply grateful for these brilliant scholars who support education in prison…

by Rory Andes

Learning about someone’s passion is educational…

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