This is for all those folks who wonder how normal or abnormal it is to think about the same sex and what you should or shouldn’t do about it.

First of all, just because you think about the same sex sexually doesn’t mean your gay, lesbian or bisexual. It just means you’ve thought about it, like most folks. Now, I don’t have hard empirical data to quote, but that’s only because I’m in here and Internet research is hard to do without the Internet. So if you want to see a study, Google it, I’ll wait…

However, if its a repeated thought that comes in frequently and your just scared or nervous to act on it, this too is normal. You also may just be curious and that, too, is normal…are we waiting for you to Google that as well? 

Let’s suppose that you are in fact bisexual. If you said it out loud there won’t be a lightning bolt to smite you. Admitting it may just be liberation for you and now your dating pool just doubled. Yay!! Options baby!

Now what? If you have determined that your gay/lesbian or bisexual (which ONLY you can do) the next step is really mysterious. Ready for it??? Brace yourself folks…

The next step is…nothing. Nothing changes. Guess what, your still you baby, in all your glorious splendor, your still perfect. Shocker, I know. Your still the professional or the blue collar worker or the soccer mom or the devoted Christian/Muslim. 

Coming out is only hard because of fears of judgment. But you don’t have to make an announcement to the Seattle Times or the company bulletin board you enjoy the same sex. The only one who needs to fully know is you.

Now if your married or if you suspect your spouse may be gay, bi, or trans. I’ll be posting soon with advice on how to proceed! Check back often!

With Love