I am Jeff, some call me Jeffebelle, some call me Jefferika…both of which I think are funny. I am gay and identify as Gender Non-Conforming. I am an activist, college graduate, mentor (and mentee!), and public speaker. I stand against all forms of hate, violence, victimization, bullying, discrimination, and racism.

I thoroughly enjoy Audrey Hepburn (I know, not helping the stereotypes), I damn near pee on myself when I see mini-pigs, and colors make my day. I read text books and tons of nonfiction, socializing and meeting new people invigorates me.

I love listening to people. I like hearing their stories, what they’ve overcome, what their working on, what they feel, and what they think. More than anything I love hearing about what they’ve overcome, I find it special.

I don’t mind being vulnerable, even if I’m the only one in the room doing so.

I like watching others succeed.

I am currently working on a research project that will lead to writing a paper on how rehabilitation and victimization prevention can be more effective.

I will continue my education, I will obtain my MBA.

I am an advisor to the Coalition for Trans Prisoners (CTP), an agency of community professionals seeking to end trans and gender nonconforming discrimination and mistreatment in prisons.

I am an advocate for education, education is a powerful rehabilitation tool and is the one thing that I believe creates true equality.

I hate politics. I believe that political party lines are the nastiest divisions Americans know and that Republicans and Democrats are the two largest gangs on the planet who don’t actually care about the people but themselves. Having said that, I still believe that good can come from anyone.

I also believe that I can love anyone.

I have a mantra, “An enemy serves me no purpose” Therefore I don’t believe in enemies because everyone has purpose.

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage