Bad days happen. sometimes we as human beings get wrapped up in our emotions about life, love, and the lack of true liberty in this parasitic, capitalist, imperialist, slave state. For those of you in the ”free” world distractions from your troubles are always available. whether your escape comes in the form of human interaction, or losing yourselves in the latest form of technological entertainment, the ability to just ignore your problems is always an option.

Those of us who have fallen prey to the decadent, exploitative, prison industrial complex do not have the option of distracting ourselves from our problems. There is no refuge, no safe harbour, no gadget to lose oneself in. We either deal with it or it deals with us.

Thus, some of us write, we expose our hearts and souls in a very real way to a world that is often hostile. We do so from within this system which has criminalized almost all forms of free expression in order to maintain its process of dehumanization of those it seeks to enslave and exploit. Namely the poor and the marginalized.

We write rather then carry around the weight of our issues and problems. we vent thus rather than allow our negative emotions the opportunity to effect and infect those we care for and struggle along side.

Yes, in spite of the states self serving narrative, we are still human beings and as such we have bad days. On those days our writing may be negative or hostile. They may cause some offence. However, a negative poem or essay does not a bad person make. These expressions are cathartic and help us heal. Rather then seek to censor a writer with whom we disagree we should reach out and express how their writings made us feel. Maybe then we can find a common ground from which to transform ourselves and our society in a positive way.