When I think of gender roles I must admit that a certainty of knowledge paints a clear image. Its comfortable and easy to rely on.

Men are rough and slightly angry yet soft natured privately with their wives. Men are attracted to Home Depot and Soundgarden, maybe a little Blake Shelton too.

Women are soft and happy keeping the household together like a glue or safety harness that only God can conceive. They sing to Beyonce and workout to Demi, they are attracted to baby blankets and Johnson and Johnson No More Tears shampoo.

Men wear boots, have hairy legs, don’t mind scars. They don’t wear blouses but shirts. They never have sexy legs, bubble butts just mean your gaining weight.

Women wear chiffon and lace, have soft skin and shapely bodies. Scars are to be hidden, legs to be shown, butts to be rounded and displayed for tasteful admiration.

Now, I think all that is bulls**t…

That’s what I am programmed to say, but its not what feels natural, not what feels right. When I think of women I admire I think of strength and self assurance. Not cooks or seamstresses. I think of bosses and mentors, soldiers and fighters, boot-wearing, hammer swinging, wrench turning, dirty finger nailed moms who crack a beer after work and fight the urge to b***h slap every flannel wearing plumber’s crack who dares to make fun of her.

When I think of men I like they pluck their eyebrows, like clothes shopping and get irritated when the heels they want are only in women’s sizes. Should I wear brown lipstick to match my cold-shoulder blouse or lavender to match my panties, because boxers are soo not our style.

Its not a role reversal but a comfort ability in ones own skin to be who they actually are, what makes them actually happy. If your the type of guy who sticks a wad Copenhagen or Grizzly in his lip and has a collection of pistols you like to clean every Sunday “cause that’s the lords day”, well be that because there is someone out there for you. But don’t conform to that because that’s the image you get when you think of maleness.

This goes for women too. Girl, if you don’t like wearing pencil skirts and dying your hair blond, trudging around in pointed-toe 3-inch heels… then burn them bastards and buy something that makes you FEEL good. Not the good you think your suppose to feel, but actually good. Not because it makes your girlfriend happy, or your husband happy, or because Susan from the PTA is gonna make some snide ass comment if you show up in jeans and T-shirt with a haircut that Adam Levine has.

Gender is only a box on a form and the roles we hang on to so desperately are antiquated and limiting our natural progress as a society, as a species.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, is a male not a male still if he wears a dress? I say yes, he’s simply a male in a dress (and probably looks damned good too!). If that same man says he is female, who are you to disagree, for you did not make one hair grow on their head.

Be you and know that you have at least one supporter in this life to do so, me.

With Love (because I can whoever in the hell I want too)
Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage