I woke up to a news story about this arrogant prick wanting to make a comeback and rerun for Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ. If there were any questions about what is wrong with corrections, look no further than the legacy of dehumanization that Joe Arpaio brought. When I was a free person, this kind of thing was the 400 lb gorilla that nobody spoke about. I’ll own my own silence on the matter. My bad for not being more knowledgeable of the issues of how this dick terrorized the people in his custody or how that treatment caused long term trauma on a community, both in and out of jail.

I am a conservative, but I fiercely disagreed with him getting Trump’s pardon. Its because I’m a conservative that I can’t stand the way this guy treats his fellow man, illegal or not. Shaming or dehumanizing hold no value in upholding the public interest, unless the public enjoys that brand of self righteousness and judgement. Sadly, some of my fellow conservatives in Arizona and other places have bastardized what good values mean. I can’t stomach the idea of him running for another chance as sheriff, if its even possible for someone his age. 

Hey Arizona, there are plenty of qualified law enforcement professionals who understand both sides of the immigration issue and how it intersects with criminality. There are those who can keep a community safe while keeping people dignified. If settling back into old, smug, racist and judgemental habits is a fix you need, what you need is help. As for the rest of the country, shaming, displaying, and dehumanizing your errants doesn’t fix them. Constitutionally based laws, emapathetic enforcement and dignified correction does. As for Joe Arpaio, he needs to spend his golden years correcting his bullshit before his final judgement and quit trying to add his legacy of stupidity…

by Rory Andes

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