Hello Dear,
In my morning readings, I came across this one:
“We Love because it’s the only true adventure.”

I think about how both excitement and disappointment are embedded into the adventure of love. It truly is an adventure. How boring would life be if we didn’t invest in love? Saturday we (Ruth, Christopher and I) were in the yard and Ruth said that the status of her release changed to the next step. Tentatively, she’s cleared the biggest hurdles and her departure is imminent. Imminent… I came back that evening and it just hit me that I’m getting ready to lose my best friend, all for the right reasons, but a loss none the less. Of the things she’s done to benefit my life, the biggest one was to teach me to love myself and I love her for it. And now, that particular chapter will close and I will carry on into some of the hardest parts of my sentence with those lessons in mind… I cherish my dear friend and I will miss her. The love I have for her is an adventure. In a place intended to strip us of humanity, I found absolute treasure in her.

The steps involved in this healing has had ebbs and flows, but it’s been a ride I want to remember and an adventure I want to base future friendships on… how many of your friends teach you to face the most brutal sides of yourself and then ensure you love yourself through them? Who in life does that for you? Love isn’t easy… especially when you can’t start within. But Ruth has shown me a path to forgive myself and become whole again. Love did that.

I just figured I’d share this one with you and fuel some thought. I love you and the adventure that comes with strange occurrences of our unconventional state (like, never have meeting face to face, yet I love you beyond words and without end anyway… that’s adventurous). Thank you for what you give me today and every day in the beautiful parts of you. It’s an adventure of a lifetime…

I love you soooo much,