Some of us in prison have committed our crimes and we have owned up to them, embraced the necessary change and have now moved forward. Some of us have goals we are actively accomplishing and very little time for wishes and hopes. Some of us…

I am one of those who despises the prisonista’s of this place and those who profit off of your victimization, like Correctional Industries (they’re pretty much Satan). I can’t stand the losers who just sit idly calling their 2 or 3 girlfriends or hustlin’ a well-meaning gay guy for cash and that’s how they spend their time, well, that and making fun of people like me. I can’t stand those who have been 3, 4, or more chances at life and they come back to prison saying garbage like “I’m powerless”. I just need one chance.

I am not satisfied with an Associates Degree, I’ve received all the formal education this place offers. I’m in the middle of my last certificated course, Computer Programming (which is by far the hardest education thing I’ve ever done) and once that’s done I’m on to the next adventure. I have to in order to reach my goals. I’m not satisfied with an AA and 30 certificates, no, I want an MBA and best believe, it’s gonna happen because I am going to work my ass off to get it and I don’t care who thinks what of my past. 

I’m going to be in an Executive role doing things that change our communities and I will do it because that’s my goal, that’s how I pay society back, that’s how I prove I’ve changed…I do things differently, imagine that. If that means I need an elite degree from a competitive school, ahem, Michael Fosters School of Business at the University of Washington campus (here I come) in order to get a basic job to pay for my community organization. Than that’s exactly what I will do. One way or the other I am going to make my goals a reality. 

If you know someone in prison and they claim boredom, have mastered pinochle, get into trouble…they are prisonista’s, they have assimilated into the prison culture and are wearing it like a still bloody fur coat. Just so you know…

I want to be elite because I have to do something extraordinary to earn community trust again. Publish papers, get high education, community organizations, change people’s lives, live humbly and with love. That’s the standard you should expect from me because that’s what I’m going to do. Just so you know…

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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