One of the biggest tragedies with imprisonment is the setting aside of one’s goals and dreams, only to find that after serving out one’s sentence, a new perspective dictates that they have become unobtainable. This notion of “imprisonment” applies to all of us, for it exists as a mental state.

There are many things I regret, but the past is something that cannot be changed. So I have chosen to embrace my past so that I may help people.. and so that I can help myself as well. I’ve spent a great many years coming to terms with my crime and many more fixing the behaviors that led to my mistakes. I hope that my story can help others in finding their way.. or maybe it acts as inspiration for people during these troubled times. Before making the mistakes that led to my arrest, life was prison.. My mind was trapped by a state of living to the next day. I worked to live, making no real impact in the world around me…so when was the day when my childhood self forgot his dreams? When was the moment where I decided that I no longer wanted to become an astronaut, or the president.. or an actor? Why did I give up on my dreams?

I want you to know that there is nothing special about me. I’m not a mathematical savant.. actually, as far as mathematicians are concerned, I’m probably a very low level mathematician. But the fact is that I came from a big fog of adversity. All it took was some years and a lot of commitment. And so my biggest goal comes with a message. You who are reading this.. are me. You and I are no different, intellectually or circumstantially. I used a bit of hustle to make my goals happen, but every person on this planet has had a whole life of practice at the hustle in some way. My goal is to show you that you can live your dreams still. It might be tough from your perspective, but it’s not impossible. Don’t let some discouraging words tell you that you’ll need to postpone success for the next paycheck.. for the rent check. I hope that my story can help people realize that they can be better.. or quite simply that people can change.

We set aside a part of ourselves when we forget or dreams. For me, it led to a prison cell down a path to redemption and into some dusty old math texts. And now to you reading this message. I hope that if you’ve taken anything from my thoughts, it is to move boldly into your future and live what you love.