I’m disgusted with the stereotypical prison commentary bullshit! Yes, I hangout with Allllllll the L.G.B.T.Q.I community here at Monroe Correctional Center. Get over it! I walk against the crowd, I always have. I’m Straight, I’m an Ally, I’m not gay, bla, bla, bla. I want to cut all attachments, titles, labels out of my life, and I surly dislike it when others place them on me, or use them as a judgment attempting to deprecated my character.

I’ve been looked down upon, and bad mouthed for helping violent murders and sex offenders. I had no idea why or what they were in prison for until these “Change Resistant Convicts” shouted out racial and bigoted slurs. Thanks, now I have to unlearn the ugly old thought process of wondering if its true…and do I even give a F###! These incredibly ignorant, shallow minded, insecure barnacles are continually being scraped away from my life.

Guys really lose it when I tell them that I shave my body, do Yoga and use ladies speed stick because it smells better than the other stuff. That sends them into a cartoonish spin running off blabbering to anyone that might listen. Look, I know I grew up and went to high school right down the street, but could it be that I’m still, at age forty contending with that same pathetic immaturity?

If you have read “The Come Back Kid” story already, you know why it is that I reject all negativity, hate, violence, and egotistical bullshit about one crime actually being better that others! I want, I will, I strive to love ALL with absolute compassion, even these so called barnacles that try their best to attach themselves to my life with attempts to drag me under. Nope! Not this fun loving, dancing machine!

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