I received an email from my brother a few days ago. Our oldest sister, Mary, had a massive heart attack and was revived a few times before getting her to the hospital. She laid in an ICU, in the same California hospital I was born in, with little brain activity. This morning my brother updated me… Mary passed away yesterday afternoon on 4/3/19. She was a mere 55 years old.

Its difficult to hear things like this. My heart breaks for her family. She is the mother of seven children. Her oldest son passed away only a few months ago, so the impact of my sister’s passing I’m sure is that much greater. My sister had struggled for years in addiction and had found her faith and sobriety later in her life. She had found the joy in marriage and her children were close to her when she passed away.

I don’t have the conventional means to say goodbye because of my incarceration. My sister was a big personality and the way mom and dad described it, she was a handful too. She was a defender of what she saw as right and I remember her dealing with one of my bullies in third grade with that ferocity. He had kicked me and she, in turn, put the fear of God into him. 

She doted on me a lot when I was little and as I sit at 42, some of those memories are starting to fade. I admit its extremely difficult to write this, but I think its important, if just to think out loud. I just lost my big sister…. She’s with mom and dad and Ethan, her son. I love you Mary and I promise to look after Billy and keep Suzie in my prayers until we all get there… See you one day, sooner or later.

Love your little brother,