So I look around me and notice that a man has the waist of his pants around his hamstrings. Please, take a moment and locate your hamstrings. If you do not know, they are the muscle right below your butt. Its the back of the thigh. Yup, below the butt. Now, so long as you are at an appropriate place, take your pants and pull them down to said hamstrings. This is what I am looking at. I am unsure of the reason for it because all I see is a butt in cotton/polyester blend white boxers. 
This man, instead of pulling his pants up, adjusts his walk to keep his pants up. His belt is on, but, it appears the plastic buckle has been mistaken for a grip. I thought to myself, he must have lost a bet, or he is being funny.

Nope, it is not a one time thing. He just wears his pants like that. Strange. His shirt is not long enough to cover his butt either. So his booty meat is just hanging out there for everyone to see. 

If a straight guy sees a woman in a bikini, surely he looks. Well, FYI, for all of you gangsters out there with your pants down…I am checking you out. If it is OK for you to stare at a girl in a bathing suit “because she is only going to wear something that skimpy to get noticed”, then there should not be a double standard. I should get to check it your display as well. Oh sure, women enjoy a good firm butt on a guy, but it isn’t nearly as useful to a woman as it is to a gay man, know what I mean?

For me, I am more of a catching kind of guy, but seeing something on display so frequently makes me think I should start pitching…

So, sag away, just know that the more you show the more we see. Sometimes the view isn’t half bad either, its just that I cannot for the life of me figure out why a “straight” guy would show his butt for the benefit of a woman or for attracting one when the backside is useless to her. Good to look at, sure. But the sexual quality a woman sees first is not a mans butt, I would assume. For a gay man though, it is kind of “our thing”.

With Love
Jeff Utnage