I met Ruth at a place that she designated. It was an amazing place for dinner among her friends with beautiful artwork and brilliant track lighting (I seem to associate track lighting with fancy eateries). Much of the room was Christmas decorated. As we sat at a table tucked in a large room blocked by three walls, she introduce me to a group of several of her friends, none of whom I knew, but all were lovely people. Then we were asked by a young lady about what we would like to eat. As the others in the party gave their order, I kindly excused myself and quietly asked Ruth where the restroom was located. She pointed me around the corner and I stepped into the kitchen, brilliantly white with clean lines, an island of marble, and stainless steel appliances that were impeccably polished. It finally occurred to me that we were in Ruth’s home and the young lady serving the dinner party was a staff member of Ruth’s. I discovered just how well she had done for herself, extraordinary home, house employees, very wonderful friends, even holiday cheer. I felt so proud of her for doing so well. What does she do to accomplish this much?

Just as I entered the kitchen, the ground shook and I heard Ruth shouting commands to the rest of the dinner party from the other room. “Get under the table!” It was an earthquake and the lighting started swinging from the ceiling. I could smell smoke and before I could say another word, Ruth was standing faced to face with me telling me to get a bucket of water. Her Christmas tree had caught fire in the shaking and she proceeded to clear the space around it to isolate it as I filled the bucket. Her actions were quick, decisive, deliberate and well commanded. She snatched the bucket from me and doused the fire in the tree. As she inquired if everyone was ok, it hit me. It didn’t matter what she did in her life to be this successful, she was in control of everything and with perfect execution. As I woke up out of this strange dream, I kinda laughed to myself and agreed with my subconscious that when Ruth gets out and is successful, it’ll be because she is in command of a lot of complex things, all at once, and has room to enjoy a bunch of life, too… Good job, Lady… Good job….

by Rory Andes

It’s amazing what my brain says sometimes when I’m sleeping…

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