What do these two have in common? Fear. Let me explain… When you hit your limits on digging through the hard things you have to do to improve yourself, you encounter the edges of fear. Your own fear lies in being completely uncomfortable. Its the fear of personal failures or the fear of exposing too much of yourself. Perhaps its just the fear of reliving a painful past, but anyway you slice it, its uncomfortable to embrace the pain of improvement. There’s a saying in the army that “pain ain’t nothin’ but weakness leaving the body.” Getting control of your life is a fair amount of pain, a lot of discomfort and a giant pile of fear. So what happens when we start to hit these limits? We dig deeper.

Leo, our high spirited, high energy champion for Defy Ventures Washington, put it in perspective using ruck marches and gas tanks. Ruck marches hurt. They’re mile after mile of pain and misery carrying a load people don’t usually carry. Sounds like a troubled past, right? Just when you become afraid that you can’t make it to fix it, you do. The load wasn’t the enemy, your doubts about achieving a better life is. And the victory of finishing made it worth it. When you think you’re out of gas on self improvement, there’s more in you. There’s more because you’ve improved more. You increase the tank as you go. We’re learning in Defy Ventures Washington that fear exists. Its OK to be afraid. Just know that the load that you carry isn’t a load exclusive to you. And finishing on the gas you didn’t know you had is something we all can do. I tell you what, just ruck up and start moving! There’s some fear to conquer on our way to reclaiming an awesome life…

by Rory Andes

See the Human Me as I “Defy the Odds!”

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