Two weeks ago I sent out a letter to the officer that arrested me November 30th 2006.

Mr. Johnson, I would like to invite you into my life. I am currently working on my five year plan. Are you willing to be apart of my future success? I’m reaching out for your sound advice, guidance, and life experience. I’ve learned to dream big, I mean real big, to the point of visualizing you and I in the visiting room together having a beautiful conversation.

Today, Sunday, August 11, 2019 I was called for a visit at 2:30 p.m. I scrambled down there in record time. I had no idea who was there waiting. The moment I walked into the visit room I began to cry. There he was, sitting at the table, waiting for me, Marshall-Heck-Yeah-Byers. Are you kidding me!

He engulfed me with a giant bear hug. If nothing else was said, the hug would of been enough. There’s no way I can formulate my thoughts to describe my visit with Mr. Johnson. Absolutely speechless. And so were the guards knowing the odds of this special visit.

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Endless Love,
Marshall Byers




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