My living quarters, aka the shoebox, storage unit, and my personal favorite, the mini suite, is literally bulging with nuclear love in the form of words expressed on notes by beautiful people. Here are their words to me.

My brother, thanks for being the example for so many, including me. With who you are and all you do, life is a better place. Regardless of the road that led you to this point, in prison at 42, the road leading you out is one people have waited their whole lives for. I appreciate being on this stretch with you as you travel to greatness. Just make sure the world continues to know the miracle of your journey. And thank you for the amazing friendship. — Rory

I truly value you as a friend and brother, my life is better for having known you. I love ya bro, —James

Hi Marshall! Your vibes are truly infectious and because of that, I love being around you. You’re a good friend. —Christopher

Marshall, you mean something to this world, to us, to me. You’ve done so much by being a genuine you and like all things genuine, I will never regret being your friend. Thanks for being my friend. Here’s to that TEDx Goal —-Ruth

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing outside of you will make you happy. You choose to be happy, feel grateful and then share that with the world. This is how I describe you! Love you —-Aunt Sal

Look around you, and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Look within you, and you will discover that you have everything it takes to make your dreams come true. Marshall, way to go my friend! Can’t wait to hear about it! Sincerely, Nancy (Quilting Volunteer)

Dear Marshall, you made me the happiest person on earth! I received your note today and it has turned me upside down with happiness!! P.S. putting your note in a frame to keep near me always! Love you to the moon and back “Mom” V. Ensminger

We can’t wait for you to come home son, you are such an inspiration. We have so many dishes for you to wash, gutters to clean, lawns to mow and leaves to rake. We took great care of you while you did your time, well guess what! We are old fuddy duddy’s, now it’s your turn to take care of us kiddo. Love, Mom and Paul

Marshall-Heck-Yeah-Byers, I know I said that I am so very proud of you but I want to say it again–I’m so very proud of you! It was so great to hear from all your teachers and friends how much of an inspiration you are. Keep it up and you know the sky is the limit and beyond. Only 4 months and you’ll be released and no more bars! Super excited for that day to come. Love you so much. —-Jennifer

My contribution is not on Marshall’s emails but I tell him every chance I get that his attitude and the way he sees life is awe inspiring. I hope to be more like him everyday. He is sunshine, he is amazing, he is love, and I wish him all the best when he gets out to give me my long awaited, well deserved hug. I love you Marshall.     Valerie