Marshall, it’s me, yeah you silly. I thought about sending you a message ahead of time, but time travel does not exist yet. This is the next best thing.

Marshall, just in case you come down with amnesia, this is all you need to know. Rhonda and Paul Loth are your Aaaaaammmaazzzzing parents. They among your kick ass sister Jennifer, and don’t forget about your little brother Kyle, aunt Sal and your beautiful kids Gavin and Kayley Byers love you beyond measure. Even your x-wife Nicole. You have countless friends and family friends who want to help you succeed in life.

Marshall, you have thee worlds biggest support network. Just look inside your daily journal. You are cared for so much that it makes you cry tears of extreme joy. You most enjoy making others smile and laugh out loud, but ultimately you motivate, encourage and inspire people with your pure positive enthusiasm. Heck Yeah !

You have a purple hair hero in life, Miss McKay, she is your college instructor, cheerleader, life coach, mentor, motivator full of quality character and welcoming to all your “Heck Yeah’s”. Hi Melissa.

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Gratitude and Appreciation,
Marshall Byers

















































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