Our new President Elect is considering putting a white nationalist as his chief of staff. If you don’t know what a white nationalist is, they believe in the superiority of then”white” race and hate Jews, Muslims, LGBT, Mexicans, African Americans etc. and the few I have talked to tell me its Biblical… creeps

Then locally, there is Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, WA who in 2013 refused to serve a gay wedding. The couple sued and won, the shop had to pay a fine among a few other minor things. The big win was that it wasn’t called “religion” but “discrimination”. Now the owner of the shop is appealing the decision, still fighting for their right to hate…

Both instances are from religious creeps who claim Christianity. These are the equivalent to ISIS and the Taliban to Muslims. Muslims are a peaceful people, whether or not I agree with their doctrines (which I do not) they are a peacefyl , anti-war people. Christians (true Christians like myself and as you know I am a Gender Queer Homosexual) don’t hate, it goes against the two commandments that Christianity teaches.

Yet here we are with people refusing service to gays, denying restroom use to transgendered people, White Supremists getting public offices, mass deportation…which btw goes against the Republican parties “religious” views of helping your neighbor… again, protecting their right to hate.

I have this to say; as LGBT people, black people, Mexican people, or anyone marginalized…our American history proves what happens when you oppress and marginalize a community. Look at history, the queers raised hell for days at Stonewall, the Blacks raised up all over the country with sit-ins, marches and occupations…the list goes on. We are NOT a weak people. We never have been, WE’VE been tolerant of racism whereas racism has stepped on our throats for decades. We can turn the tables so fast it will leave the entire world wondering what happened to send Americans into divisions. Why must America be “Straight, Whites only” why don’t they leave and go back to where THEY came from because it certainly WASNT HERE!! 

If you feel afraid of the many changes you see happening, don’t be afraid. Everything is OK, history repeats itself and our struggles are no different. Along with racism and bigotry being resurrected so to will the Black Panther party, NAACP, ACLU and Pride marches be resurrected, all of which have been fairly quiet for decades. 

What racist and bigoted people (because whites aren’t the only racists) don’t realize is that there is more of us then them. Meaning, there are more who don’t hate then there are those who hate. 

Love will win this war. God is on the side of the oppressed, as He always has been. I don’t know what God the bigots follow but its NOT the God of old, Jesus. Its some other idol, because Jesus saved, not hated.

With Love
Jeff Utnage