Have your character and humanity been forged more by pleasure and success or by pain and disappointment?

I reflect alot on this type of topic. I fought in two tours in Iraq that still keep me awake at night, I was “orphaned” by age 29 with the passing of both parents, I gave a combined twenty years to two women who thought nothing of me and now I sit in a prison among the most broken and shattered of people. People so deeply broken, breaking others made sense to them…

And do you know what? These people have shown me some of the most beautiful aspects of their humanities. The kind of thing that makes me want to develop the remainder of my life to succeed with them in mind. This, in turn, has helped me tap into something my mother raised me with… love for the underdog. And here, the underdog can rise to the level of a champion with the right encouragement.

I also need that encouragement. Pain and disappointment have become my watchwords and by the time this experience is behind me, I hope to help myself and others rise to their true potential. Here’s to battle hardened characters, forged in pain and disappointment, and the loving humanity that comes with it…

Question originally from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.
For more about this author, visit gregorystock.net

by Rory Andes

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