Would you be happier with more control over what happens in your life or more control over your response to what happens? How could you gain more such control?

I came across this question while in the process of really digging deep and reclaiming key elements of my life. The answer, I’m finding, is both. I’ve worked on some cognitive distortions while rediscovering my self worth and I’m finding out how to manage the way I react to situations. Currently, I’ve entered a project with a group of friends about goal setting and the strategic planning of my future. As it turns out, if I just stay focused, think about what I’m doing, put my ideas on paper, create alternatives and ultimately stay motivated and remove my emotions from setbacks, I can be happy with the control of my life AND how how I respond to it. What are your thoughts and have you ever tried to set goals with alternatives?

Question originally from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.
For more about this author, visit gregorystock.net

by Rory Andes

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