If anyone in the world knows an instructor with purple hair, you are in great company my friend’s. I had a resilient and wonderful purple haired instructor once. To describe her awesomeness would take forever, so I’ll just tell you…

Have you ever heard of that new age question “if you could go back in time to tell your younger self something, what would it be?”

Hey younger me…every struggle in your life will count for your greater good Marshall. You will have major hardships based on your choices. You will hate school until you turn 40. Yeah, I know, l know that sounds REALLY old, but listen. There will be a Purple haired college instructor waiting for you. She somehow finds all of your potential to overcome your academic fears, guides you with thee ultimate care, supports your goals, makes learning fun and loves it when you say heck yeah. Marshall, your greatest success isn’t just what you’ve accomplished in the future, its who you’ve become.

If every child had a teacher like my purple haired instructor, there would be more schools being built and less prisons. She is my saving grace. Thank you soooooo much M.M.

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With Love,
Marshall Byers

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