Before I came to prison I thought of prison as corrective. Everyone knows prison is violent and dehumanizing. Yet, it doesn’t deter crime. Either the public is being lied to about rehabilitation or the public has a desensitization to incarcerated lives.

By public punishment I mean public whippings. By long term confinement I mean prison cells for long periods as in half a decade or more. However, confinement is also qualified as mental institutions and group homes, to name a few.

I’ve often thought of deterrence based principles, what it means and what it might look like. What if I could have chosen 20 lashes with a bullwhip on live TV for the whole world to watch while my crimes are displayed in shame.

Funny how that’s inhumane, even though I would have chosen that instead. What’s inhumane is that someone would have to watch. The inhumane part, in this context, is not the whipping or brutality of long term rigid confinement, its having to watch it. Comparatively speaking about incarceration versus whipping as punishment, deterrence, and victim retribution then incarceration lasts for years, costs $30,000/yearly national average and still produces a 67% ineffectiveness. 

This conversation needs to be had. Not because I’m a proponent of public beatings but because the system is inhumane. Because I am not in your line of sight I am allowed to be inhumanely incarcerated for years having to beg for the “treatment” that is court ordered. Treatment that the provider says I do not qualify for because I am at such a low risk to re offend. Imprisonment that will last for more than a decade and is accompanied by emotional, mental, and psychological brutality. Brutality that is acceptable because its not visible.

I’d rather have scars, I’d rather everyone watch. I’d rather an expert bullwhip slash my back open 20 times and nearly bleed to death while going into shock than endure one more day of some militant, unionized, state employee be allowed to call me or someone else a retard for not tucking in my shirt or wearing a hat indoors.

Get involved in incarceration, demand transparency. 

With Love