If you think they sound like math terms, I would agree. From the outside looking in (I don’t have my friend Christopher’s math prowess), they seem like legitimate math concepts to me. But, as Christopher cleanly identified when I asked, its all bullshit. Bullshit far and wide. The terms are just well placed words intended to sound “math-ish”. Its confusing, right? If you don’t know what you’re looking at, how do you know its legit? The question of the ages, I would imagine. 

I’ve had this title and first paragraph in my drafts for a few months now believing there’s a message to be expanded on by virtue of the idea of being “bullshitted” by people or concepts that sound legit. I’ve contemplated writing about how a released inmate I knew here was gifted at bullshitting and has taken advantage of people out there only a few months into his freedom by bullshitting his way through life. I also thought about writing about my ex, someone so extremely personal to me and that I once shared a life with, who recently went to great lengths to bullshit me. I sat on all of it for a few weeks, stewing angrily, just understanding that bullshitters exist. And they sound so convincing. But what do I do with it?

Then Ruth went on this seven day challenge of positivity. She wrote an exhaustive report on it and, after reading it, I thought about how this could apply to this post. What did I really want to say? Did I want to rant about assholes? Naw… Let me try something else. 

Bad people who want to manipulate the world around them exist. They do and I can’t do anything about it. But I can reaffirm that I work hard (as does every writer here) at changing myself to be better. I’m not perfect, but when I say I want great things for the world around me, I’m not just talking about proper numbers and declarative fractions. I’m talking about something real, something positive. And I’m blessed to have these adverse things, because it forces me to see in a much broader scale to find something legit. To find happiness. To find hope. To find the positive.

And I’m also blessed to have the people who DON’T bullshit me. The ones who can take a seven day challenge of positivity and let me in on the findings. The ones who can charge me up when the world comes off track. The ones who get involved with me in big projects with bold outcomes. The ones who can take my voice and project it beyond a prison. The ones who take a few hours out to visit me in a prison to make sure I’m doing ok. This is the real stuff worth mentioning, the legitimate stuff.

So, the next time someone approaches you with something that sounds legit and then you find out otherwise, do something better with it than just be pissed about it. Understand that its just proper numbers and declarative fraction and cut ties with the people who spew bullshit. There’s entirely too many legit people and ideas to invest our thoughts into…

by Rory Andes

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