I have an idea. I want to organize an Anti-Violence March in downtown Seattle for the summer of 2018. 

Not just any anti-violence march, one that involves every marginalized community. A way to unite all the organizations for a common cause, to end violence against our community. 

Unite women, LGBT, people of color, different religions, the poor…everyone. Bring every group together for a massive demonstration that will look something like this:

It would start with thousands marching, in tandem. Left foot up, left foot down. For the noise effect of onlookers. A marching force, behind them two rows of people carrying cardboard caskets, four people to each casket. Have the caskets painted with peoples names on them, people who have died because of something they couldn’t help, like being a woman, or black, or because of gang violence.
Then, have people with signs intermingled with stats on how many people died last year due to violence because of gangs, hatred, religion, greed. 

I see thousands of caskets being carried, in a long, seemingly endless procession. All this to show the reality of what violence is doing to our community. Why its important now more than ever to unite. Why we are fighting for equality so hard. Because as long as their is one victim due to violence of any sort, we have not finished.

By having a display such as this will touch the emotions of those who don’t want to see it. Such a showing will spark marches all over the country, demanding peace, demanding equality. All done peacefully and quietly.

One death is all of our problems. One punch on one is a punch on our mother, our children, our brothers, our sisters, our wives, and our husbands. Every hateful word, every bullet, every wad of spit, every shove…it hurts us all. 

Help me accomplish this by summer 2018. If you are apart of an organization contact me. 
If you want to help in any capacity, contact me. In the mean time, those of you who read this, pass it along. Help me make this a reality. 

There is no equality until there is all equality. Our president may divide, but we are greater than our president…

Contact www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com site administration by email at: [email protected] for further details and how to help! or contact me directly at:
Jeff Utnage 823469 D-610-1
Monroe Correction Center-Twin Rivers Unit
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA 98272

With Love