There’s something to be said about the discomfort of having to shower within two feet from a group other naked men who, no matter how hard they scrub, can’t wash off the years of anger and callousness…

Then, after careful inspection of all the tile and stainless steel surfaces, I’ll simply clear my throat and hum a little to myself. And while I’m standing this vulnerable among what looks to be the bitter “off scene” portions of an adult film, I find myself getting edgy. Not because of the circumstance of vulnerability, not because of the tattered angry faces, not because of the idea that for almost a decade, other men have been a part of my shower routine, but because the acoustics off of these tile and steel surfaces are BITCHIN’! and I can’t hit the notes I want without pissing someone off!

I just want a few people to clear out so I can hum a little louder and dig a little deeper to some full on vocals. I want my concert in the water. The notes carry like they would in a finely crafted concert hall. I’m a shower singer… I always have been… and prison showers are among the best showers to sing in. I can’t explain why the sound vibrates with such perfection, but it does. Yet, here I am, in this great studio of voice and acapella and I have to wait… but at least I found a way to make this ridiculously uncomfortable situation pretty bad-ass!

by Rory Andes

“Home is what you make it.” -The Waterboy

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