I made a quiche in prison, that’s right, without an oven, pie pan or pie crust. It was delicious!

I took a tube of saltine crackers and powderized them using my bowl and the bottom of my cup. Then I used a little butter and warm water and re-doughed the mix into a dough ball then pressed it into a pie crust. Voila! Pie crust! Then I used powdered eggs, a bar of provolone cheese that needs no refrigerator (weird right?) and some bacon (also needs no refrigerator, also weird). Then I mixed everything together after melting the cheese (non-refrigerator cheese doesn’t really melt, it just dissolves in boiling water…like plastic?) Anyway, I’m making it sound disgusting, but it wasn’t.

Microwaved that bad boy until the eggs were cooked and my cellie and I had the best meal we’ve had in years. Quiche in prison, who’da thunk…

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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