It has been a long time since I have been on Facebook. What I remember of it still the same as far as I know. It’s a way to connect in social groups, get news updates that are specific and somewhat filtered to your liking, and interact with your community. 

You choose who you allow into your world. Prison is a lot like that, in a way. There are those that take an interest in what you do, how you do it, and why. Just like Facebook. They troll you and either you have haters or lovers. Just like social media in general, the more you allow people to see you, the more comments you get.

Today I did my hair different (this has relevance, just stick with me) because I could…and I have a visit with my Mother. I like the hair bun look, so I had two put in, one on either side. It is feminine and lighthearted, right up my alley. The look isn’t to draw attention or get comments from people who don’t really know me, it’s so that my Mother and I can have fun with it, she can get to know my more feminine side, and I can feel more like myself. 

But just like social media, comments come. I have the typically bigoted bunch who hate me no matter what I do, especially when they see me as feminine and it makes them feel attracted to me, they hate me even more for that. Then, of course, we have our bunch who thinks I am just the hottest thing on the planet and can’t stop themselves (until they realize I will never have sex with them, then I’m just a bitch…silly boys!) until the next thing comes along, and you have those with all different variations of either. But its the friends, the real friends, who just simply look me over and see that I am happy with it and we all move on.

I guess I bring this up to let everyone know that in real life, social media doesn’t change when you are around the same people regularly. Look around your work space, its much like this as well. Drama, love, friends, and haters are in real life. Especially within the LGBT community, and particularly in the male gay community. We have to learn to not look at others as our source of confidence. What you do is for you and those you love. 

If you put yourself out there, like I do, expect to be judged in the harshest way possible. The more negative comments that come your way the more popular you are (unless your just a douche bag) and more pointedly, the more your infiltrating peoples thoughts. At least your being thought about.

With Love