I run into men in prison that are “gay for the stay”. That has always been the case though. Talk to any old school correction officer in any prison and they will tell you the same thing. They could often point out as the new arrivals stepped off the chain bus who was going to be victimized, who was going to be the predators and who was going to be assaulted…with good accuracy.

Today’s prison is much of the same with one added feature, now there is the transgendered community with their own set of “trans for the stay”.

This is disturbing in many ways. Though, I did hear a study that was done on TV about how this same occurrence can be recreated in the animal kingdom. For instance, they took one species of animal and removed the females from the society, I think it was gnats (correct me if I’m wrong, please), and what happened was that the more aggressive males dominated. While the less aggressive males of the community became feminized.

I wonder if that is the case here too. To be truthful, I don’t care what another man does with or to his body. You want to wear a training bra so that the big guys in prison see you as a girl and are less likely to attack you, go for it…you want me to help you with your eyebrows?

What I don’t like is the attitude that comes with false faces. Whenever someone has secrets they fiercely defend them. They don’t want anyone to know about their..whatever. Inevitably, that eats them alive and something that I have figured out (yeah, a little late in the game I admit) is that the LGBT community, especially the incarcerated, are full of anger.

I have repeatedly fallen victim to someones¬†temper tantrums and I have to say that I am so sick of being the mature one. I don’t like trying to bring a community together just so that they can hate me when I actually do it. Which has been the case in so many instances that it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

All I have wanted was to help my brothers and sisters in whatever kind of trouble they needed help with. I hated the fact that so many people hate us and have brought us to lows that are unthinkable at times. I never thought that my biggest adversary would be the queens and queers I was uniting…

I guess this is what activism looks like? Perhaps I am the fool…

With Love
Jeff Utnage