What really grinds my gears is when someone perpetuates information that is false and damaging just so that they feel and potentially look better to others. Like when murderers spend every waking minute bashing on sex offenders so that they look and feel better about themselves.

Someone I have to work and exist around frequently asked me to read a few blog posts they put on the internet a few years ago, with the intention of recruiting me for help so that their blog will attract a larger audience. In my reading of his materials he stated that sex offenders have the highest recidivism rates…this simply isn’t true. In fact, it is so far from the truth it infuriated me. The truth is sex offenders, especially when they knew the victim, have some of the lowest recidivism rates, less than 1% reoffend with another sex offense post-treatment and less than 3% reoffend without any treatment at all.

So let’s get our facts straight. Yeah, I know that sex offenders are an easy demographic to hate, there is no consequence for hating them, nobody is going to publicly object to anyone saying “I hate rapists and they are no good”. I get it, but if that is going to happen, we should at least understand fact from fiction.

I want to spend some time debunking prison myths, like “You have to join a gang when you come to prison, its be a shark or be shark bait.” False! What a load of horse s**t! Thousands of people go to prison every year and don’t victimize other people under the guise of prison gangs and they exist just fine. Most of the people who join gangs in prison are afraid and need protection or just simply want to be violent and prison gangs give license to be both…cowards and victimizers…and don’t let anyone fool you, prison gangs rape others in prison, including their own members as both means of administering punishment and to establish dominance. Often, these rapists are never convicted by the state, only serving a few days in the hole while their victims get beat even more for telling.

There’s others…but because long posts don’t get read often, I’ll keep this one shorter, look for the title “Prison: Facts and Fallacies” for more on this from me.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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