We are a people born into adversity, however, we are the very definition of diversity. We hail from every civilization through time, we have fought in every war, we are from every country, from every state.

Our people are every color. Every nationality, we speak every language. We are unrestrained by gender. We come from every mountain top up high and every valley down low. We have traveled every road.

We are fighters and farmers. We are politicians and professors, judges and priests. We are Mothers and Fathers. We are children of this Earth. 

We are not mistakes. We are not abominations. We are not the result of some tragedy or anybodies family curse!
We are unashamed. We will not conform to a bigoted view of “normality”. The oppression and tyranny of the bigot is dying and we are unapologetic and unsympathetic to its crumbling foundation of fear and insecurity.

We will no longer apologize or repent for what we cannot change. We will no longer closet ourselves or “pray it away.” No longer setting ourselves on fire to keep anyone warm. No longer will we tolerate being synonymous with the lesser!
Because today we are embraced and celebrated. Today we are acknowledged and today a bridge was built over the ocean that is our tears. Today marks this places freedom from the fear that has its vicious grips on our hearts. 

Today we are no longer sorry.

Today we have justifiable and proper self-respect.

My name is Jeff and I am Unapologeticly Proud, welcome to our event!

To be delivered on 6-22-2017, proudly.