Yesterday was Pride at TRU. Man, what a great experience! I was so nervous that I forgot portions of my speech, but despite the hiccup, all was good. I think that my biggest fear was whether or not people would accept my message. I was afraid that my absurd rant at the beginning would offend people. In both cases it was all good. I did fine. A decent delivery.
There are some things I want to put out there. First, I was mistakenly referred to as Greg. The trans lady that called me Greg felt really bad, but I actually like it better than Chris! For those who know me, I hate being called Chris. I go by Christopher. So, my friends are now calling me Greg. lol. Yes it stuck.

During the Q and A, I was delighted to learn that all three of the guests studied mathematics! …But Isis made a comment that I wanted to visit. She said that the studied topology and referred to it as some “fragmented geometry” (or something similar), somehow making it seem that topology was small cookies. eh hem.. Topology is for badasses.. My friends, Isis is a badass.

Elaine was really cool. She had a fun sense of humor and it was nice being the butt of her jokes. I wanted more chat between the two of us, but time was short. So.. If I had another chance to talk with her, I don’t think I’d pick a specific topic. She had a fun personality, and so I’d probably just b.s. like I do among my buddies. It’s a shame I didn’t do that when I had a brief chance to speak to her. I was nervous though!

Thank you.. all of who were involved in the event!

















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