I have this idea about preventing victimization. In prison we create support for one another by making little community groups. Psychology uses peer based groups for therapy, communities use groups for supporting one another.

What I think would help is to create stronger community support. Bring communities together and include everyone, even the ones who are struggling. Especially the ones who are struggling, and start the much needed support in everyones lives.

But what about the really bad ones? The ones who have been to prison and are now free? The ones who have committed terrible acts like child rape, burglarized an old lady, murder, what about them? Obviously I have an answer, but it may not be the one you want.

Learn from them all you can. Ex-inmates are a wealth of information on criminal behavior and how to prevent it. Untapped I might add. I have been in prison for seven years now and nobody has asked me how my crime could have been prevented. Do you hear me? NOBODY!

Why? It is either because everyone knows already or because they do not want to know. However, if given the choice of how do I prevent rape, murder, and robberies or not preventing them… well, obviously we would want to prevent them.

Personalize it, think about a loved one. You have a choice:
1. Your loved one is victimized, somehow
2. Your loved one was not victimized

Which one would you choose?

We as a community must learn from our mistakes. Learn from mine, I have so much to teach.

But, so do you.

Let’s learn and teach together.

Get in contact with me. Get over your fears, your anxiety, your whatever holds you back from reaching out to me. Just do it.

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