As the most recent presidential debate raged on television, political conversations erupted in the prison dayroom. Two of those that talked in here were heavy with aggression and misinformation, name-calling and interruptions, and presented an outright assault on civility. It was tense and upsetting and very on the verge of becoming something much more ugly (although not too much more because the bottom of that barrel was already close at hand). Respect and dignity were thrown completely out of the window, empathy and compassion for drawing boundaries were disregarded entirely, and these two people, inmates who can’t even vote, completely lost their minds to emotional mismanagement and self-defined assumptions about the ideas of others…

I’d like to say that it was an isolated disease that only affected this prison’s dayroom, but it wasn’t. It was shared on the national stage by two men who both want to decide the best interest of roughly 350 million people. For the vast majority of inmates who watched these two inmates devolve, the nation experienced the same thing, in much the same ratios. If you think inmates are dangerous, consider who you’re paying your taxes to impact the most glorious nation in the free world. But hey, at least we can’t vote, so I guess your country’s safe in the hands you’re placing it in. When’s the next debate? Good luck with that…

by Rory Andes

Americans deserve dignity and civility. Demand that standard…

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